Tuesday, March 04, 2008

6 months

i love the first photo. he was obviously getting a little bored with my photo shoot! such a ham already! of course i have ones of him smiling and having fun, but i thought this one just showed off his little attitude.

and the second photo just because he's beautiful.

6 months : laughing : giggling : sitting up : squealing : loving his big brother : eating lots of big boy food : cuddling : napping (sometimes) : showing everyone who's boss.


patricia said...

What a cutie. He's getting so big!

By the way, I don't know if you read in my blog that I visited a Japanese store here in Houston. I saw your tin cans with gift tags and immediately knew they where yours. They also sell several of your cards. They look adorable there. I just thought it was fun to "know" who made those cards. :)

Leslie said...

so big! so fast!

I love this photo idea too! Can't wait to see them when he's, say, 5!

bitesizecards said...

what a beauty! :)

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