Sunday, April 20, 2008

changing of the guards

i nursed both of my boys. i nursed the little dude until he was about 8 months old, at which time i had no choice but to stop. it was not my decision. i had an emergency appendectomy at about 6 months, after which my milk supply decided to vaporize. i tried hanging in there, taking herbs etc. but nothing helped. i was able to continue nursing him about once per day until about 8 months and at that point it was pretty minimal. i was pretty upset about it being "taken" away from me before i was ready. we then moved over to formula without any issues. he took the bottles we had (which he had been using all along for outings etc. in which i would still use breast milk.) it was easy peasy.

baby rowan on the other hand is not so fond of the bottle. last weekend the boys stayed at my parents so we could get some work done on our bathroom that we've been remodeling for the past year. (but that's for another post) during the 2 days he was there, my mom said he took a total of about 5 oz of formula. he's not so fond of the bottle, which might be a slight understatement.

this wouldn't be a huge problem in and of itself, however, i'm going on a trip next month to the nss (that's the national stationery show for my non-paper readers). the baby will be with my mom and my hubby while i'm gone, which means he'll obviously need to be ok with the bottle by then. after a week of trying to bottle feed him, i gave in and took a trip to target to find a different bottle hoping it would be the answer.

i found the most wonderful bottles on the face of the planet! after 1 day of bottle feedings with the new bottle, he is now taking it like a pro! thank you gerber for these wonderful bottles which saved my life! (i think the secret is the wide neck which, in turn, increases the surface area of the nipple making it feel more like the real thing.)

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