Wednesday, April 16, 2008

hello? is this thing on? (giveaway time!)

ok, so who's out there? is anyone still reading this thing?

as i've said before, i write this blog mostly for myself. i'm hoping that it's something i can look back on many years from now and remember great old stories that i had forgotten.

with that said, it's always nice to know who's out there reading. so, in order to entice you lurkers out to say "hi", i'm having a little giveaway!

leave me a comment on this post. tell me why you come. what you like to read about. what you want more of. tell me to shut-it. really, just tell me something! you have until sunday the 20th at midnight.

here's what you can win:

in honor of spring, a set of our nostalgic flat notes. if jacks aren't your thing, you can pick another design.

and a set of our gift tags in a cute reusable tin. again, if this isn't your favorite style, you can pick another design.

depending on how many comments i get, i may be so inclined to pick more than one winner! comment away!


Cathe said...

Hello, hello! Here I am, the first reply to your post. I started reading your blog after the last "National Delurking Day".

Now, I love reading your blog at least 2-3 times a week. As a mom and a fellow stationery designer - I'm inspired by what you are able to accomplished with 2 kids while running a thriving stationery business! So, you know you have at least one regular reader here!

puglyfeet said...

I followed your blog from a comment you left on Suffix.Abuse. I love paper and especially love stationery. I'll be visiting frequently.

Julie said...

Pick me, pick me, pick me! Yes, I read your blog! Love seeing your designs and the great work you're doing for st. jude. oh, and I love the little tags in the tin!

Molly said...

I'm here... I pop in a couple times a week to read, and I even comment when you're not giving prizes away ;-)

I'm so inspired by how you balance everything in your very busy life and business!

Dawn said...

OK, so I've been reading for awhile but hardly ever comment. Why do I come here...well as you've said before people get directed here when they Google, paisley wallpaper! which is what happened to me. But then I got sucked in...why? Because you do what I'd love to be doing...running a stationery business. I am envious everytime you mention you've hired help...everytime you have some great new I come by to read about your business and get jealous of you :)

My Blogs said...

I'm still here! (Mandy from HHD) I come every week and see whats going on. Don't have many paper people's blogs left to read - they have all gone away! :( So, I'm glad you're still around!


Katrina said...

Heya Lori, what a clever idea to get folks to say hello! ;) I admit, I check your blog every day. Why? Because it's genuinely refreshing to know what other working moms in Sheboygan are up to! I also love to look at all your clever projects. I don't know how you find the time!!

Laura Lee Daigle said...

I'm a lurker! Love your stuff, and am a sucker for prizes :) Oh, and the kiddos are cute, too!

ikkinlala said...

I check in every so often so that I can see your new stationery designs.

Anonymous said...


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