Tuesday, April 01, 2008

a small obsession

i've had a small obsession with etsy since i opened my own shop a little while back. i had made a few purchases here and there before (mostly art prints for the house) but lately, i'm bookmarking everything in hopes of going back later to purchase it! the little bit of spending cash that i had been saving is quickly been eaten up by this new obsession.

here are a few of my most favorite recent purchases.

beautiful, beautiful earrings from a sweet, sweet girl! you must check out her shop of amazing jewelry. these days everything is so cookie-cutter. her designs are definitely not! there was so much to love that i had to buy 2 pairs. (see next image! both images snagged from shysiren)

again, just beautiful work.

i got this driving cap for the hubby. he has an old tattered one he's been wearing forever and was in need of a replacement. very well made. (image snagged from sookie)

and a cutie hat for me! i love, love, love this hat. i'm hoping to go back and get another for spring/summer wear! (image snagged from BKMHattitude)

and lastly a ring that i got the hubby for v-day. it's wood inlay and beautiful in person. (image snagged from robandlean)


Felicia said...

I feel your Etsy addiction. So many beautiful things and talented folks.

Julie said...

Those top earring are to die for! How pretty!!!

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