Tuesday, April 29, 2008

first public performance

phew....it's been quite a week around here. we took a trip last week to minneapolis (our old stomping ground) to visit some old friends, so i'm way behind on my blogging! i'm hoping to catch up in the next week. i'll start with the oldest first and finish up with our trip! so here we go....

the little dude had his first public performance with his pre-school the weekend before last. it was during their morning church service. his class went up to the front and sang a song together and then had a little "learning" session with their teacher about making good decisions in life. it was so cute to see those little guys up there singing their little hearts out! (sorry for the horrible photo quality, the lighting was really bad in there)

and the little dude during the decision making lesson. he has a thing with his lips lately. makes getting a good photo a real challenge!


Melissa said...

Do all of the other mothers hate you because your child is the cutest by far?!?

Tara said...

I agree -- he really is cute... and I am not one to care about cute kids! Seriously. He looks like a tiny little future rocket scientist!

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