Wednesday, June 17, 2009

piggly wiggly


in the midwest, we have a grocery store chain called piggly wiggly. it's what i grew up with and we happen to have a few of them in our small town. we had to run there today to grab a few things for dinner. as we drove up, the baby pointed to the "pig" logo on the store and said "mickey mouse". first of all, i'm not even really sure how he knows mickey mouse, but whatever. i corrected him and said "no, that's piggly wiggly" to which he replied, "lig-ur-ly". we've had him saying it all afternoon and evening. it's just the cutest thing. i'll have to catch it on video so you can get the full effect. turns out piggly wiggly is tough for little guys to say when just learning how to talk. when the little dude was a baby. he would call it "piggy wiggy".

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