Wednesday, June 24, 2009




the little dude is a picky eater. it never used to be that way, but when he turned 4 he suddenly decided he didn't like to eat anything. we've resorted to the whole "take 5 more bites and then you're done" bit. i hate it, but until we find a better solution, that's what we're doing. so the other night, he's taking his "bites" and he counts them as he goes.

"that was my first bite"
"that was my second bite"
"that was my threece bite" (pronounced like the name "reece")

we can hardly control our laughter, but don't want to laugh when he's not eating well. it's so cute when kids start to try and understand the english language. nothing about english makes much sense. i think "threece" is a way better option than "third" anyway.

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Anonymous said...

He looks cute and healthy, though. :)
Love his glasses!

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