Saturday, June 13, 2009

send me some inspiration


painted floor pattern

i need! we've torn out all the carpet in the first level of our house. we have nice maple hardwood floors in the livingroom and entryway/foyer areas. in the sunroom and the dining room (soon to be family room) we have a soft wood. probably something like fir. when they guys come to refinish the maple floors, they're also going to be sanding the soft wood floors for us as well. i'm hoping to paint both the sunroom and dining room since the wood isn't the greatest quality. the problem? they're coming in a week and i don't have a plan yet! i'm not sure if i want to go solid or patterned, one of each, both......i don't know! i've done a quick online search and didn't come across anything too inspiring except for the image above. i really love this pattern and think it would be great in our sunroom. i'm thinking yellow for the background and white for the pattern. anyone have any great ideas, patterns, etc? i'm open to hearing all of your ideas! even if you think they're crazy! i'm pretty crazy when it comes to stuff like this and don't mind doing project that are detailed. if i go solid color, any suggestions on a good color? both of these rooms are not decorated yet, so i'm pretty open. i'd like to eventually paint the new dining room turned family room walls a light blue grey. other than that, i'm open!

*image from ohdeedoh


Leslie said...

Oh sounds like a fun project (made even more exciting with the time constraints!). What if you painted the wood in alternating stripes (is the wood in planks?) That would be super easy to do for the painters as they wouldn't need a pattern or stencil. Or if you didn't want to go all out (and have the floor completely covered in a design), you could use a stencil to create a border along the perimeter of the room. Or a bordered "rug" for the floor?

I'll sleep on this, and if anything pops up, I'll be sure to stop by here! Can't wait to see how your project turns out!

Anonymous said...

I love the yellow idea for the sunroom, and a nice chunky border pattern...but think all over the floor would be too much.

Love this project! When DO you sleep???


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