Friday, July 24, 2009

festival of the arts


this past weekend was the john michael kohler arts center festival of the arts. we try to go every year and check out all of the art for sale. this year we were actually considering not going. not that we don't enjoy it, but all of the art is so incredibly expensive. the art booths there are focused more on high-art. things like $3000 turned wood bowl, original paintings, etc. etc. while we appreciate this type of art, we can't really afford to buy any of it.

it turned out to be a nice day so we decided to take a walk and check it out. if nothing else it would be good family time.

well, much to my delight, i found a new vendor this year! geri from gajettes was delightful as were all of her products! she makes everything from recycled and reclaimed fabrics. i bought this adorable skirt below. i've already worn it twice....i'm so in love with it.


i love the a-line cut, it's so flattering. plus it has a little stretch so it was very forgiving and comfortable to wear.


here's a close up of the adorable pocket detail. (along with the crazy baby in the background who wouldn't stay out of the photos!)

i was debating between two skirts at the festival, but then saw a "prototype" dress that geri was wearing and decided to buy only one skirt so that i could buy the dress when it became available! i'm so excited and can't wait!

oh, and the best thing....she's a local wisconsinite!! woot, woot!

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cartolina said...

That is so cute - and I love the details - the binding on the hem is GREAT!
Good photos too!

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