Thursday, July 23, 2009

thrifted camera case


in my very first "things i want tuesday" post, i featured a old cosmetic suitcase that i thought would be a perfect case for my camera. i've been hunting for something similar at the local thrift stores and have had quite a time trying to find something. turns out they're rather hard to find!

then, last month, we were out of town for a wedding. there was a ton of time between the ceremony and the reception so we drove around town and happened upon a thrift store. inside, i found what i had been looking for! like most items in thrift stores, it was quite dirty and needed some tlc. after a good cleaning and a little ribbon accent, i have a new camera case....all for $2.50 (plus the ribbon which i already had in my craft closet).

thrifted camera box

the front of the case with my added ribbon detail.

thrifted camera box

i added 2 little bow details to the back as a surprise. they also cover up the area where the ribbon overlaps.

thrifted camera box

and here's the inside of the case.


Josh & Krista said...

Way cool Lori! This is wonderful - I'll take 2 =]

Mari said...

I've told my mom to give me her avocado green one if she ever decides to part with it! Apparently she's already been cleaning out a ton of old fabric and DONTATED it without telling me. OMG.

Julie said...

What a great find - and the inside looks to be in fabulous condition!

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