Monday, July 27, 2009

lookie what i made!



i was really taken with the feather earrings i posted about for scoutie girl a few weeks ago. since they're a little funky for the small town i live in, i was hesitant to purchase them for fear that i would never wear them. so, instead, i tried my hand at making my own so i could try them out and see if i was brave enough to wear them. the good news is that i've worn them several times and haven't been too self-conscience about them. i think i can actually say that i'm happen enough with them to create another pair! this time i'm going to search for a more unique bunch of feathers since our local craft stores didn't have a whole lot to choose from. what do you think? like? no like?


haileylundborg said...

I love it!!

amy @ switz~art said...

they are perfect! loves the colours!

funny, i just bought feathers the other day to make a feathers are small and would make fab earrings, too!

great work!

Josh & Krista said...

Very fun! ...but when do you find the time to make all these cute things? Camera cases, skirts and now earrings - you sure have this "balance" think figured out! I hope it rubs off on me!!

Mari said...

even without seeing your face, I can tell they look good on you!
I agree with the other poster - you've really got this balance thing all figured out. Me, I just spent two hours online. Whoops!

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