Thursday, July 16, 2009

vintage owl



i have been having so much fun finding vintage items for our home lately. above is a precious little owl. i love his graphic shape and features. he has a new home in our newly renovated sunroom. i have a bunch of other finds that i'll be revealing over the next few weeks!

since i've been having so much fun with this i've also made the decision to really, really try living a more "green" lifestyle when it comes to purchases. my goal to to try and buy used items whenever possible. if it's not a used item, i'm hoping it will at least be handmade so i can help support other independent artists. with everything from craigslist to ebay, garage sales, etsy, and other craft sites, this shouldn't be too difficult.

i was really proud of myself the other day when we decided it was time to get rid of the highchair and get a booster seat for the baby to sit at the table. instead of going to the local big box store, i went to my local craigslist, did a search, and found one in super great condition for $5! not only did i save money, but i'm also saving the planet by not buying something else that will end up in the landfills!


Julie said...

Cute little owl! I love shopping thrift shops. I always scour my fav thrift shop for cashmere sweaters. :-)

Mari said...

I'm having a heck of a time doing that - and convincing the husband too! There's just too much good new design that attracts my attention!

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