Friday, October 02, 2009

family friday :: little dude's class photo practice


school photo practice

i haven't posted a family friday in a very long time! life is just so busy it's one that always slips by. the little dude had his class photo day this past tuesday. we spiffed him all up in his uniform, did his hair, a practiced nice smiles. he's at that age now where he enjoys making silly faces or closing his eyes on purpose when you try and take his photo. i thought it might be good to do a practice run at home just to reinforce what he was supposed to do. much to my surprise he was good! he smiled nice for every picture, looked through his glasses instead of over them, and was so poised! i think he was just so proud of himself for looking so handsome and getting all dolled up that he wanted to show off. what a proud mamma i am of this little guy.


patricia zapata said...

So handsome. And those eyes! Practicing is a great idea. My daughter is the one that does the fake smile, big eyes on purpose. It looks funny but not for school photos!

libbydibby said...

OMG - so precious. What a cute pic and a great blog!
love -

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