Thursday, October 29, 2009

thrifted :: canisters


sorry for the horrible, horrible photos, but the lighting in my studio is unfortunately florescent and scarce which makes it hard to get any decent photos.

today's thrifty finds are a set of 4 canisters that i found on a recent thrifting trip with my awesome friend hailey. the base of the canisters are metal but the tops are plastic. while it makes it feel a little cheap, it's nice because they actually fit. often times with metal tops and bottoms they get so warped that they don't fit properly. the little wood-turned tops had me at hello! much to my delight, the shop was having a 50% off sale that day on EVERYTHING in the store, so i scored this whole set, marked at $15, for a mere $7.50!! they now reside on a shelf in my studio and hold bulk items like glitter and other embellishments we use on our products. 

thrifted :: canisters

thrifted :: canisters

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Julie said...

Very cute Lori! Is that a red brick wall behind the canisters? I've painted one entire wall in our basement red - love it!

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