Tuesday, October 13, 2009

fin+roe holiday cards ready!


(ok, so it's tuesday, but i meant to have it ready for marzipan monday)

fin + roe holiday 2009

i'm so excited about our 2010 line for fin+roe. i've been working on the cross stitch patterns for a LONG time. you can take a peek at all of the available patterns here. i even created my very own font from scratch for the new line! (you have 3 to choose from!) we're releasing the holiday cards early so that you can take advantage of them this year. the rest of the line will be coming to fruition over the next couple months, including matching address labels, notecards, and more. we're even planning on adding a few products that weren't in the 2009 line. stay tuned for those!


Anonymous said...

Love the way the font turned out! They look great!

mari said...

Woohoo congrats!
I can't believe how quickly the season is coming!

Julie said...

Congratulations Lori - the designs look fantastic!

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