Thursday, October 22, 2009

thrifted :: shelf decor


we had this area above our t.v. that i've wanted to fill with something for quite awhile. we finally bought some shelves for the space and i had fun filling them with things that i've thrifted over this summer. everything you see on these shelves has been thrifted except for the artwork. (although the frame for the "pie" print was thrifted)

thrifty finds

from left to right: non-thrifted print. white and black enameled pitcher found at a garage sale for $1. aqua & teal graphic bird planter found at a thrift store for $1.50 i believe. three birds in flight found at a garage sale for $1.00 for the set of three. they were horrible brown and i sprayed them white. thrifted bottles all from thrift stores for between .50 cents and $1.00, covered with thrifted sweaters. (more details on that below) "you deserve pie" print with thrifted frame painted white.

thrifty finds

view from the left.

thrifty finds

view from the right.

thrifty finds

i collected these bottles from various thrift stores over the summer. i also collected sweaters from thrift stores and my own closet for the wraps. i had seen something similar online, but of course i don't remember where. (if you know, please send it my way!) i simply cut sleeves and hems off of the sweaters and stitched the sides and/or bottoms closed. 

thrifty finds

sorry about the photo quality on this one, but i love this little bird. his patterns are so graphic and the colors are perfect for the living room. 

it was such a good feeling filling these shelves with things that i had purchased for next to nothing. not counting the shelves or the artwork i already had, i think the total for everything was little more than $5! so satisfying! 

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katrina said...

NICE FINDS! Beautiful photos, too. These belong in magazines.

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