Thursday, February 25, 2010

thrifted :: howard pierce doves


this past summer i found an adorable set of howard pierce birds (doves, i believe) on ebay. i'm not a huge ebay buyer but i just happened to be browsing. i bid on them and won the pair for approximately $20. then, a few weeks later we were at a flea market and my hubby spotted another pair of different howard pierce birds (geese)! we scored the second set for a mere $5! i can't remember which set is which now, but i believe these are the ones from ebay. i'll have to feature the other set another time.


as a side note, everything you see in this photo happens to be thrifted! i got the great type tray from my brother & sister-in-law for my birthday this past fall. i'm hoping to spend my summer finding tiny treasures to fill it with!


Lady Ren said...

I love the tray it is so pretty. What was it's original use?

Three Owls said...

love the birds sitting on the 'larks' box...the possibilities are pretty endless with all those little I want one.

Julie said...

Lori - I have an old type tray. It's hanging on a wall in my studio and filled with rubber stamps. :-)

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