Monday, February 01, 2010

marzipan monday :: a store near you



last summer/fall i started working with a distributor here in the u.s. it's been quite a change for me. since i don't see all of the individual orders coming into the office anymore, it's hard to know how sales are going until i get the fancy report at the end of the month detailing all my sales. it's always the most fun for me to get a list of new retailers to add to my website "find us" section. over the weekend i added 40 more!! (i just got done adding over 80 just a month or two ago)! my distributor is on a roll and i'm loving seeing my retailer list grow over time. check it out. see if there's a retailer in your area. if not, feel free to send me a comment of your local stationery/gift shop and i'll be sure to send a rep their way!


Jill Broadhacker said...

Congrats on all the much deserved success!

Anonymous said...

wow, that's incredibly impressive. congratulations, Lori!

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