Thursday, February 18, 2010

scoutie girl feature :: blown away


i was so blown away by this discovery last night that i just had to share. tara from scoutie girl wrote a post yesterday about what inspires her. being a super-amazing blogger, tara sees a million beautiful things every day. she's surrounded by inspiration in everything she does. you can only imagine my surprise when i discovered little old me in her list of people that inspire her! i nearly fell off the couch. (see, that's me there in the lower left! ....and that's my good friend mari right above me!) it ALWAYS amazes me when someone says that i inspire them, but this....this is beyond amazing to me. this is a woman who runs a super-successful blog and has a baby at home. being someone in the same situation, i know how much work that takes. the fact that she's inspired by me or anything i do is just about the biggest form of flattery you could possibly give me. thank you tara. the feeling is mutual!

scoutie girl feature

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mari said...

And just to add to the pile, you definitely inspire me with all of your brilliant ideas and successful business ventures.
I've been trying to find time to post about Tara on my blog too!
maybe right ... now ...

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