Sunday, December 02, 2007

birthday+baptism+snowstorm weekend

wow what a weekend! we had planned the little dude's third birthday party for saturday the 1st....his actual birthday. we also planned for baby rowan to be baptized the same day to save an extra trip for the in-laws. just as last year, december 1st brought a huge snowstorm. last year we got 14 inches, this year, not quite as much, but horrible, horrible driving weather when all of our guests are from out of town. everyone made it here ok and we celebrated the little dude's birthday first at the house with lunch, presents and cake.

above is the little dude with his present from mom and dad. a new backpack for pre-school which starts on monday. it's cars which you can't tell since he's holding it backwards. he was pretty excited about it. inside was a new outfit for his first day of school and a real (kids) digital camera! he was taking pictures the rest of the day. (although i think they were mostly of his fingers covering the viewfinder!)

here's the little dude admiring his favorite present of the day. his new tractor from uncle tim and aunt missie! we actually had to force him to open his other presents......he wanted nothing to do with anything else after opening that one. i've never seen a kid pout about opening more presents!

and here he is with his tractor and his new mater truck (also from the movie cars).

after gifts, we enjoyed some baked alaska that the hubby made special just for the little dude. i've never seen him eat something so fast in my life!

after gifts, we headed out for baby rowan's baptism in the middle of a sleeting mess. it was like needles hitting your face when you walked outside. not fun at all. unfortunately this is the best picture i have on my camera. it was really dark in church so they all looked horrible. i'm hoping someone else got some good shots and will share them with me.

we headed out this morning for breakfast with the hubby's family before they made the trek back up north. i couldn't resist taking a shot of baby rowan in his cute little fuzzy coat. he was so happy, but of course refused to give us a smile once we got the camera out.

when we got back from breakfast we promised the little dude he could go out and play in the snow. (i think he thinks that it snowed just for his birthday because he's been waiting for it for so long!) here he is in his sled being pulled around the yard by daddy.

and finally, a snowman that the little dude and daddy built. quite the snowman if you ask me! they even came in to get a carrot for his little nose!

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