Thursday, December 20, 2007

the return to pre-school

finally, after missing over a week of school, the little dude was well enough to go back on monday. i'm so glad because he loves it so much. it's so fun to watch him get excited about it. as soon as the doors open in the morning he says: "the doors are open!" and goes running for the classroom leaving me in a trail of dust! as nice as it is not to have a kid who clings to me and cries, a little "good-bye mom, i love you" would be nice!

he had his first christmas program on tuesday night. although he didn't participate in the song singing, (he only made it to one practice since he was out sick for so long) we did join in the gingerbread house making afterward. he had quite the time.

he made sure every square inch of it was covered and had a blast deciding which pieces would be included on the house.

and here's a photo of it later at home in better light.

on wednesday after pre-school we had to go check his bin. inside was a present all wrapped up for mommy and daddy. unfortunately i didn't think to take a picture of the wrapping before we tore it apart. anyway, inside was a precious little snow globe. i've seen these a million times but somehow, when it comes from your own child, it's the best thing on earth!

before shaking:

after shaking:

as you can see, they weren't stingy with the glitter! i think there's probably a tablespoon worth in this tiny little baby food jar! i actually waited for a little to settle before snapping the picture!

i think i've officially entered into the world of handmade gifts made of dried pasta and miscellaneous craft supplies! i gotta say: i LOVE it!

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Leslie said...

Oh Lori, so glad to hear that he's doing better! He made quite the creation w/ that house!

And I have to agree w/ you on the homemade gifts. We recently unpacked the Xmas ornaments, and we found the two Alison made and the two Henry made in preschool (with photos). They are SO PRECIOUS to me. . .and yes, there were spray-painted macaroni shells on's the simple pleasures, don't you think?

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