Friday, December 14, 2007

so much for pre-school!

** warning, this post may not be for those with a weak stomach **

the poor little dude has been very, very sick this past week. it started out last thursday with a runny nose. we treated him and kept him home for school on friday (which would have been his 3rd day) so as not to spread the cold around the class. friday, saturday, and sunday, the runny nose continued. not a big deal. it didn't really seem to be getting worse, so i wasn't worried.

sunday night at midnight i heard the little dude awake in his room which is unusual. i was just going to let him fall back to sleep on his own, but something told me to go in and check on him. the smell overwhelmed the room as i walked in. he had thrown-up all over his bed. and when i say all over, i mean every piece of bedding he owns.......the pillow case, the pillow, the top sheet, the fitted sheet, the comforter, his blankie, his clothes.....everything was covered.

i had been waiting for this day for a long time. i had heard horror stories from other mothers, but had been extremely lucky to have a healthy kid. we made it three years with no vomit. until sunday night, that is.

so i called the husband and he took the little dude and stripped him down and shoved him in the bathtub while i stripped down the bed. i re-made the bed and we got the little dude back in with a bucket by his side for any repeat performances.

long story short, we were up the rest of the night. it was like a vomit-a-thon. fun times.

so i called him in sick again on monday (what would have been his 4th day of school). at this point he had missed as many days as he had gone. poor guy. he was so excited about school and now here he was, finally able to go, and too sick to attend.

monday the hubby stayed home with me and the little dude because i don't think it would have been possible for me to take care of both boys, the business, and all the vomit. the little dude make it through most of the day without puking, but then it all started over again at 6:00 p.m. and lasted straight through the night again. another vomit-a-thon. so two straight nights with no sleep for mommy and daddy. at this point he had not eaten anything for a full 24 hours. he basically had only had a few sips of water.

tuesday seemed to be a little better. he made it all day again without much vomit. but then at 6:00 p.m. again, he started throwing-up again. at this point it was 2 1/2 days without eating anything. (only pedialyte) he was becoming lethargic and could hardly sit up on the couch by himself. he was whining and wouldn't speak. i said "enough is enough" and took him to the emergency room. i wasn't about to go through a third night of vomit.

it was the little dude's first trip to the er and they were great with him. they gave him little snowman stickers on his wristband as you can see below.

he got 3 big stickers from the x-ray technicians and the nurse gave him 2 little medicine cups that he was obsessed with. they ended up giving him some anti-nausea medicine and he seemed better almost instantly.

since he had thrown-up on tuesday night, i had to call him in sick to school again on wednesday. if you're keeping score, that's 2 days of school to 3 sick days.

so we stayed home on wednesday and he was doing much better. he was still exhausted from not sleeping much, but he was actually wanting to eat some crackers and cheerios. we thought the worst was behind us and were looking forward to school on friday (today). he took a nap from 12:30 until 5:15 p.m.!! he was worn out!

thursday was great. he ate cheerios, crackers, a little soup......he had energy and was seeming more like himself. still looking forward to school on friday.

then this morning, i went into his bedroom and was overwhelmed by another smell. it didn't look like he had thrown-up, but he was curled in the fetal position on his bed not facing me. i asked him if he wanted to get up and he said: "i can't i have a big mess over here". i flipped on the light and he had diarrhea all over the bed and his pajamas. (of course i hadn't put his mattress pad back on his bed because i had just washed it the night before.) so now we have diarrhea all in the mattress!! i yell down for the hubby and he comes up and takes the little dude, strips him down and throws him in the bathtub and i strip down the bed. a true repeat of several nights earlier.

so now here we are again. called him in sick to school. (that's 2 days to school, 4 sick days) below is a picture of what has been the norm in our house for the past week. poor guy.

an even sadder story is that his first christmas program is next tuesday and he won't be able to participate because he started school late and then missed all of their practices over the lat 2 weeks so he doesn't know any of the songs.


patricia said...

awww poor little guy! so sorry to hear this. we've been there with both kids so I totally know and understand what you're going through (hospital too!). it's just terribly exhausting and it feels like a marathon with no clear end in sight. i hope your little guy feels better soon and that you all get some much needed rest!!

Tara said...

Jeez! the poor thing :( I hope he is doing better soon. That little picture of him on the couch it too much -- he looks so tiny!


Jenny said...

oh, how awful. one upside: his immune system will be stronger after going through what he's been exposed to (just trying to be positive!). i hope that he is better very, very soon!

Leslie said...

Oh poor thing!!!! Oh makes me so sad. . .

We've had our vomit-a-thon tours too, and no fun are they. . .especially when Mama and Daddy get to experience it first hand too. Last winter was a NIGHTMARE with illness: Henry and Kate had bronchitis, Alison had Pneumonia, and I had who knows what. . . all at the same time. And just so happens that both sets of parents were out of town.

Anyway. . .I second what Jenny said. He'll be stronger when he goes back to school!

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