Wednesday, December 12, 2007

christmas stuff

i'm a little behind on my family updates because i've been so busy with all the st. jude stuff and vomit (more on that tomorrow), but wanted to catch you up quick on a few holiday items.

here you can see my lame attempt at an "advent calendar". i didn't have any time to do anything special this year and didn't really like anything i saw in the store. so this year we have an advent bowl of ornaments! each morning when the little dude wakes up he gets to add an ornament to the tree until they're all gone on christmas morning. lame, but good enough for a 3 year old! i'll do better next year.

st. nick came to our house last week as is the tradition in our catholic family. we had the little dude set his shoes outside of his bedroom door before bed. i think he thought we were crazy when we told him what to do. below is a picture with his treats the next morning. (i heard a rumor that st. nick was very busy this year and didn't have time to go to a decent place to pick up good treats, so he had to settle for office max when he was there picking up a few things for his st. nick office. he told me there wasn't a whole lot to choose from.)

and here are our holiday cards. the front has a picture of the two boys:

and the back features a picture from each month of 2007 highlighting an important event that happened that month!


Leslie said...

Oh we received your card the other day, and I love it! It says so much with not so many words!!! Got to love that!!!! My fave card so far . . . .=D

Tara said...

I love your card! Very clever...

patricia said...

your boys are adorable!

The Diva said...

adorable! Very cool idea with the pictures on the back!

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