Thursday, December 06, 2007

third & fourth projects.....finished

two more st. jude projects are out the door and in the st. jude warehouse ready to ship. if you need a new desk or pocket calendar for 2008, check them out here on the st. jude website and order some up today! (they're in limited quantities) we designed the calendars around patient artwork and they are adorable! (they're both based on the same artwork, just different sizes) i heard it through the grapevine that marlo thomas herself has requested one! here's a sneak peek:

desk calendar cover:

desk calendar inside spread: (click for big-ness)

pocket calendar cover:

pocket calendar inside spread: (click for big-ness)


Molly said...

They're adorable Lori! Congratulations!

Mary said...

Awesome! I have some st. judes mailing labels with kids drawings on them and they are my faves. Just the free in the mail kind, but I love them!

Leslie said...

Lori, everything looks so wonderful!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!!! =D

patricia said...

everything looks wonderful! congratulations!

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