Sunday, January 25, 2009


except for my photos of the day, i have been very, very absent from blogging. i didn't mean to be, but it seems that everyday life took over this past week. i have lots to post about, but it will probably come in spurs over the next few days. i'm not sure i have the energy to recap everything at once.

one of the things i wanted to share is this little guy:

the family went thrifting this weekend. we only made it to one store because apparently they all close at 3:00 on saturdays! i found several cool things (maybe i'll post about them later), including this little owl. he's so kitschy and something i would normally pass by, but for some reason he called my name. i plugged him in to make sure he worked and then paid the $2.00 to take him home. he looks so fun lit up in the dark on my desk. i think it's his really graphic features and the pattern of the lights that drew him to me. for something i would normally walk right past, i'm shocked how much i love this little guy.

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