Monday, January 05, 2009

google street view and me

my hubby sent me a link this morning. this is what i found* when i clicked on it.

turns out our little town is now available for viewing on google street view via google maps. and if you look really close, i happen to have made it into the image! yup, that's me and my mail lady out in front of my house! crazy! (you may have to click on it for a larger view) i never go out to talk to her, so the chance of this picture being taken are one in a million! my hubby now says i'm famous!

here's a view from the front of our house via google street view. this is where all the magic of marzipan inc. and fin+roe happen!

*i'd send you a direct link, but i don't need everyone knowing my exact address and stalking me....cuz i know you all would! ;)


Katrina said...

What a cute house you have! Yeah, that google map thing is creepy ... Nate looked up our new house on it a couple weeks ago and it was so weird to be able to just see our house like that! Spooky!

cartolina said...

That's so fun and what a great house you have!
Happy New Year Lori!
Here's to a great one!

Patricia said...

yes, cute house! that's cool and creepy at the same time.

puglyfeet said...

Funny how you made it in pic. :) And, I love your house.

Leslie said...

Your house is so cute! :)

And it's funny b/c Hank and I were just talking about google earth. . and how sometimes people make it into the photos! And what do you know! *You* are on it!

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