Thursday, February 09, 2006

all about me

i've been tagged for another meme by the lovely gilley at burned cheese straws AND the ever sweet ponderer at daydreams & ponderings. don't i feel special!

four jobs I've had in my life:

* waitress (many times)
* art director
* clothing retail
* paper entrepreneur

four movies I would watch over and over:

* a christmas story
* big fish
* romeo and juliet (the newer one)
* american beauty

four places I have lived:

* fond du lac, wi
* minneapolis, mn
* sheboygan, wi
* apple valley, mn

four tv shows I like to watch:

* the office
* american idol (even though i swore i wouldn't watch it again!)
* oprah
* desperate housewives

four places I have been on vacation:

* san francisco, ca
* new york, ny
* portland, or
* europe (italy, france, greece, croatia)

four websites i visit daily:

* paperpreneurs
* WAY too many blogs to list
* this fish needs a bicycle
* usps

four of my favorite foods:

* crispy lemon chicken from "the big bowl"
* rigatoni con mozzarella from "tratoria stefano"
* pretty much everything i've ever had at "margaux"
* ice cream from anywhere!

four places I would rather be right now:

* shopping by myself or with a girlfriend (it's one thing i really miss since having a baby)
* taking a nap with no interruptions
* having a massage or facial
* on vacation pretty much anywhere

bloggers I am tagging:

patricia at a little hut
erica at paper bride

1 comment:

gilley said...

my sister in law has a small part in Big Fish! I love that movie.

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