Tuesday, February 28, 2006

february recap

it's hard to believe, but it's the last day of february already! where has the time gone?

being that it's the end of the month, it's time for me to check in on my goals.

my first goal of the year was to increase sales by 40%. so far, with the sales of january and february, my sales have been 318% higher than last year at this time! it's insane....i know....almost unbelievable to me. february is typically a dreadfully slow month for greeting card sales. most stores stock up in january to refill all their empty holiday shelves, therefore, not needing much in february. this february has been very similar. much slower than january sales, but at the same time, much improved over last year.

i have been working feverishly on my other goals as well. starting plans for my 4th national stationery show experience. i'm hoping all that i have planned will help drive buyers to my booth. i'm excited to see the results of all my new plans. hopefully they all work!

i've been really good at designing on a more regular basis. i've already completed my new winter holiday designs for 2006 as well as some other non-greeting card products that i'm super excited to release.

i've updated my website with new editorial releases as they've happened as well as updating my retail store list once a month. (tomorrow is new store addition day!)

the retail site is well on it's way! i've been working hard to keep up to my programmer. i have all the thumbnail images completed and am working on the detailed product images this week. it's coming along very well and quite quickly. i'm sure we'll be up and running well before july!

that's about it for my work related goals. i feel good about all that i have accomplished in two months. i only hope that i can keep up.

i'll recap my personal goals at a later date as i need to get back to work since the little dude is down for the night.


Leslie said...

wow! Your February recap is insanely wonderful! Congrats on the increased sales!!!!

January was amazing for me. . . and then February came screeching to a halt! Which was kind of good in a way as it was nice to have a break! :)

And! I just saw your gifty goodies over at flickr! Oh me! Oh my! You are an incredible GIFTER! Thank you for participating! :)

Dear Monday said...

That is fantastic! Are you pro-active in marketing to get your sales or does it just happen?
I can't believe it's March. Yes, where has the time gone???

marzi said...

pnderer - i don't really do much marketing. i have reps that sell my products for me, so they take care of most of it. i do the nss and also get some leads from editorial features. i don't have the budget for advertising right now. maybe someday. . .

shim + sons said...

Congratulations on such a successful month of sales! You completely deserve it.

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