Wednesday, February 22, 2006

featured artist of the week!

i'm so excited to announce that marzipan inc. is the featured company/artist/craftswoman of the week on a great new website! you can view it here: crafty synergy.

on another note: i'm heading out of this cold weather climate tomorrow for a long weekend in california! i'm super excited! i'm also a little nervous. it will be my first time away from the little dude....ever. i'm not quite sure how i'll handle 4 days away from the little guy. it will be good practice for me when i have to leave in may for a whole week to attend the national stationery show.

see you on monday!


weandco said...

Lori, congrats! What a marvelous interview!!

Dear Monday said...

I was gonna ask how you did NSS the previous year without the dude... oh yeah duh, he wasn't born yet :)

Have fun in California!!! That's my part of the country :)

gilley said...

Congrats on the article (I'm about to read it).

Have fun in CA! I promise, once you get on the plane you'll be fine. I'm always so worried whenever I leave Bennett and then the moment that I'm on the plane, in the car, etc. my mind is in vacation mode. Don't get me wrong, I do miss him, but I don't let the "missing" overwhelm the vacation!! Enjoy yourself!

A Little Hut said...

Lori thanks for participating! I love reading everyone's interviews.

Have a fun trip! I remember that first separation anxiety thing. My experience was that I worried more about it before it happened then when it actually did. When you come back just think of all the hugs and kisses you'll get! ;)

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