Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the devil has arrived's official. the devil has arrived to our small wisconsin town....and oh, how i love thee. we visited our newly opened coldstone tonight for the first time.

we were already all too familiar with the yummy goodness that is coldstone. when we lived in minneapolis, we enjoyed their treats much too often. now, that goodness has found it's way to us again. it is my weakness. set a bowl of ice cream in front of me and it will be gone. at least it's on the other side of town, so it's not like i'm driving past it all the time. i may just have to find more reasons to head over that way!

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theprincess said...

marzi, the wisconsin custard mfg. assoc. may come to get you for this! proclaiming affection for an illinois (gasp!) company...oh my, you are brave.

have not been (yet), mostly because kopp's (cousin of the devil) is insanely close to my house, and who can resist the jumbo burger + custard combo?

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