Monday, February 13, 2006

gifty 3: from the heart

i recently joined my first ever gifty! the lovely leslie over at rubber-sol organized it, and i couldn't help but join in. this gift swap theme: from the heart.

today, i received my oh so lovely gifts from sally at shim + sons. they are beyond description!

chololates (in tin)....divine
file folders (upper left)....classic
button push pins (front)....precious
gift tags (front left)....oh so beautiful

then there was the unexpected added gift for the little dude!

precious alphabet cards that are just too beautiful for him to actually use. i'm hoping to decorate his room with them. little did sally know, but his room is alphabet themed!

i can only hope my gifts live up to these!

thanks sally!


paper sweets said...

wow - very cool! love the packaging.

your stuff is so cute as well - i know whoever received yours were also very impressed.

Dear Monday said...

Those are so pretty. Sigh, they seem so crafty and organized they put me to shame. LOL

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