Sunday, February 12, 2006

thing 1, idea 2, milestone 3 (edited***)

several things on my mind today:

1. we were at a birthday party last night for my nephew. one of the attendees was an acquaintance of our family. she's about the same age as me and i only know her through my sister-in-law. while at the party she asks: "so, are you still doing your card thing?"

where do i even start with that? hello! it's not a thing! it's not a hobby! it's a business. not something i just wake up one day and say: "you know what, i think i'm done with that card thing". luckily my sister-in-law's mother spoke up and said something to the effect of how successful i was*** etc. etc. etc.... which of course, made me feel even more uncomfortable. (note to self: work on being able to accept compliments more gracefully)

2. i came up with, what i think is going to be, a very cool idea for a new set of boxed greeting cards. i'm really excited to get a start on them. i need to get some quotes before i go forward, but i think they're going to be feasible.

3. another new milestone! the little dude officially took his first real steps tonight! (it's about time!!) the hubby and i were sitting on separate couches and the little dude would do the frankenstein walk from one of us to the other. only about 3 steps, but it's a start. he must have done it about 20 times. he was having so much fun with us cheering him on and giving him kisses as he made his way to each of us. it was a definite kodak moment!

*** i don't want to imply that i think i'm uber successful. i know i'm not. those are just the words she used.

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Dear Monday said...

But you ARE super successful... at least in my perspective. You're one woman who did these adorable designs and now you're in tons of stores. Maybe you don't see it since you do it everyday, but if you stepped back, you might see yourself differetnly. :)

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