Tuesday, September 23, 2008

birthday card

i woke up this morning to a lovely card from my oldest.

the outside of the card features a birthday cake. (see the circles) the green crazy part in the middle is pudding! mmmmm!

this is the inside of the card. it may need a little explanation! it says "birthday". he wasn't happy with the "y" that looks like a "t", so he re-drew another one below it. then his name is below that. he started with "fin" but then ran out of room for the rest. so the "ley" are a little out of order before the "fin". he worked so hard on it and it melts my heart.

the boys also sang happy birthday to me while i ate breakfast. even the baby tried to join in! too cute!


Melissa said...

Aww!! So cute! Happy birthday to you!

Cathe said...

Happy Birthday, Lori! I know I always posted it on your FB page, but I just had to say it again after I saw this post. Your boys are so cute!

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