Sunday, September 07, 2008

a week later

i got a little side-tracked with pre-school this week and never had a chance to post about labor day.

we went to my parents house out in the country to help them build a pergola for their garden. (am i the only one who knows what this is? it seems everyone i talk to is like....."a what?")

anyway, the kids always have such a blast there because they have tons and tons of free space to run. they have a huge yard and we can let them run free without worry.

you can see here just how much fun was had that day! and this was after being washed up once already! this face is a mix of dirt and dinner. he just loves being able to play in all the dirt at grandma & papa's house....something he never really gets to do at home.

and here's the baby playing in the grass. i've never seen a baby take to crawling in the grass like he does. most babies are afaid of the stuff. not this guy. he'd roll around in it all day if he could!

and here's a photo of the hard work the boys put in all day. (just one small corner) i can't wait to see the finished project! it's beautiful already!


Tanya said...

Love me a good pergola! A friend of mine just had a beautiful one put in her yard, we sat out there all night, so perfect. Good for them, they have a beautiful garden.

Rebecca said...

My parents have a pergola too, but no one around here knows what one is either!

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