Tuesday, September 02, 2008

help : giveaway!

i'm in need of some help. awhile back my husband was able to get me a rather large L-shaped desk for next to nothing. think cubicle desk without the walls. (sort of like the photo above) mine won't have file cabinets, but it does have some built-in shelving underneath. it's all horrible grey laminate type finish. the sides and base are a grey metal that i think would be fine if i did something cool with the top. i'm a little stuck for ideas......i do have one in the back of my head, but before i did it, i thought i'd ask for a little help here. i'm hoping all you creative folks can share some brilliant ideas of what i can do with the top to finish it. my only requirement is that it not involve paint. the finish is such that paint will most likely not adhere well, and to be honest, i want something more unusual than paint anyway.

so, if you have any brilliant ideas, post a comment with them. don't worry about how labor intensive the idea may be. i'm up for a challenge! if i select your idea as my final solution, i'll provide you with a coupon code for $50 of free product on either of my sites: shades of violet or fin+roe! if i end up using my original idea, i'll pick my favorite suggestion out of the bunch and send a coupon code for $25 just for the heck of it! put on your thinking caps and start commenting away.....you have until 10:00 sunday the 7th to leave your mark!


Cathe said...

How about putting some 1/4" cork sheets on it, then you can use it as an idea surface too? Or some Boardco sheets so that you can use it as one large cutting board (Boardco is a self-healing matte that has an adhesive backing that comes in large rolls).

Carey@Lasso'd Moon Designs said...

What about taking one (or several) of each of the items you offer for sale and doing a sort of decoupage on the top of the desk, and then putting glass over it to keep it clean?

Or, alternatively, putting family photos all over the desk (maybe adhering them with blu-tak instead of glue so they can be changed up) and then putting glass down?

Julie said...

ok, carey beat me to the glass top idea. But I'll post my twist anyway: a glass top would be great with lots large squares & circles cut from colorful cardstock laid out underneath the glass. Think like a whole mess of WNP colored shapes under there. Glass is super easy to clean up too!

Molly said...

I really love some of the fabulous patterns you have on fin + roe, think that one of those printed in large format would look great covering the desktop. You could glue it on then either seal it with acrylic, or use a glass top to protect the paper.

Melissa said...

Would vinyl decals work on that surface?? You always seem them on walls and glass, but it might be good to have some elaborate colorful design on a desk top too. Maybe you could even design your own!

Mary said...

Have you ever thought about tiling the table top? You could cover it with glass afterwards for a smooth surface. Or, you could even do some sort of mosaic on there. I tiled a coffee table once, it wasn't too hard and it turned out pretty cool!

{evy} said...

This will be an awesome space to spread out on when it's ready.

I think that I would relaminate the top with a very smooth white finish - if there are no super smooth laminates, I might even use corian or soemthing like that. It's not too hard of a surface and it's nice and smooth and easy to maintain. Probably isn't very expensive since it's not a large surface area. I like super smooth so that when you're writing or whatever there are no bumps to mess things up unexpectedly. I like white because when you work with color, it's nice to have a literally clean slate to put the current project on. I would use the wall space to hang up your current collections, inspirations etc.

Can't wait to see this when it's redone!

Anonymous said...

you know i love that desk!!! first---is it in a location that you LOVE sitting at?? maybe switching that up would be cool!?

corkboard, it already is decoupaged i know---what about redoing that with a different pattern/think beautiful wrapping paper in a calming color??-----or how about spray painting anything that is UGLY, super cheap, very different once completed.

thats my two cents for the day!
i want to be the winner!!! i see some thank you cards in my future! ;)

ms. kelli clancy-kogler (who cannot for the life of her remember her blogger password!).

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