Sunday, September 28, 2008


now that the little dude is in pre-school, the birthday party invitations are going to start coming home like crazy. we had our first one this weekend. it was at a place in town that has a whole level of inflatables! you can see by the photo above that this place is huge. i'm actually standing in the middle of the room! there's a lot more that you're not seeing. and for comparison in size, that's the baby in the middle of the picture! a fun time was had by all. pizza, presents, cupcakes, and then home for a 3 hour nap!! gotta love the post-birthday-party-extra-long nap!

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Cathe said...

Oh, those places are so fun! We were at a birthday party this past Saturday and they had one, too! My little guy didn't want to leave. We had to drag him to the car!

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