Wednesday, September 24, 2008

field trip

the little dude had his first field trip today with his pre-school class. it was very, very cool and i'm so glad he was able to go. (he's been a little under the weather and i was worried he wouldn't feel well enough to make it). we got to hang out at a outdoor sculpture gallery only a few miles from our house! i never knew it was there, but in the middle of the woods, there it was! the owner is an older gentleman who is a retired surgeon. he's represented artists over the years and had their work on display all over his property. (which is very wooded) so we got to walk up his very, very long driveway though the woods and look at (and play on) the sculptures along the way.

i thought it was just amazing that they let the kids feel and touch and even climb on the artwork. it's just not something you see everyday. the kids had a blast. they were also given little lunch bags so that along the way they could collect thing. they'll be bringing their treasures back to school to make their own sculptures! i thought it was such a cute idea.

of course, being a dr.'s house, it was right on the lake (michigan). basically right out their backdoor was a full sand beach. they allowed the children to go out and stick their feet in and hang out for awhile. above is a photo of the little dude and one of his teachers drawing in the sand. she's from england and so she sounds just like the nanny on that parenting show! so fun to listen to her talk to the kids.

once down by the lake, they had a big spread of snacks for the kids. the little dude pulled up a rock and sat and snacked. he said: "look mommy, it's just like a couch!"

finally just two photos of him enjoying the lake. he had so much fun and couldn't stop talking about it the whole way home.

you'll see a few "nature" photos popping up in the coming week on my "photo of the day" post that i took while out in the woods. so many cool mushrooms and other nature-y things to see!

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