Tuesday, September 16, 2008

happy birthday to me!

no, it's not quite my birthday yet. not until the 23rd. however, my birthday present arrived yesterday afternoon! i can't tell you how excited i am about this present.

i asked my wonderful hubby for a professional camera. no more of this point-and-shoot crap where all my photos are grainy because there's not enough light. i want something that's going to take the picture i see in front of me. granted, i know very, very little about a camera of this stature, but i'm willing to learn. i also wanted it for taking photos of some of my products for websites, catalogs, etc. so technically the business is paying for part of it (which helped me justify the outrageous cost for a personal camera).

i picked this particular camera - the canon eos rebel xsi 450d because of the many great reviews i've read on blogs about the rebel line of cameras by canon. they seemed manageable for someone like me who has a very small knowledge of cameras but also a ton of capabilities to grow with me as i learn more. i also got a few more add-ons that some other bloggers mentioned. (ie. another lens (which i haven't opened yet) and a tube (which hasn't arrived yet))

i have a lot of learning to do! (as is evident by my out-of-focus-photo of my camera!) hey, i have to start somewhere, right? i'm just leaving room to grow! ;)

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Erin @ Bride Design said...

My birthday is the 26th! And I too would love a new camera. You're a lucky girl. If I can't get that, I'll just settle for that cute plaid sweater/jacket/shirt thing you're wearing...ADORABLE!

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