Friday, October 31, 2008

little dude's birthday invite #4

to say that the little dude is obsessed with legos might be a bit of an understatement. ever since he got his first set of "big boy" legos, he's been hooked. he's been carrying around the instruction manual for almost a year now because it has a set of legos in the back that he desperately wants. he tells anyone that will listen that he wants this set of legos for his birthday. of course this "set" of legos is hundreds of dollars. so as a surprise, we've arranged a lego themed birthday party for him this year. we talked to all the relatives and asked them each to get a certain part of the set so that at the end of the day he would have the whole thing. (or as close as possible)

so here are the invites i came up with to announce the all-important lego birthday party!


{evy} said...

very cute! his mohawk is adorable too!

Carey@Lasso'd Moon Designs said...

legos are VERY popular with our boys too- it's terrible how expensive some of them are, and how fast they get deconstructed on completion! though I suppose it's part of the fun :)

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