Tuesday, October 28, 2008

any suggestions?

so here are some pictures of my adorable son #2. one thing though......

.....this is how he looks at the end of every meal. he has this obsession with running his dirty, filthy, dinner hands through his hair. sure the style is cute and all, but we're really getting tired of the crusty peanut butter hair thing. any suggestions on how to get him to stop, or is this just something we get to live with for the next......oh, who knows how long?


Julie said...

Live with it - it could be worse! :-)

Anonymous said...

My daughter (who's now 10) used to do the same thing... Oh no, not the applesauce! We finally figured out though that as soon as she started picking at her food, she was done, and then when we finally figured that out, we'd pounce and clean her up so she wouldn't have a chance to run her spaghetti fingers through her blonde hair! Your kids are soooo cute!

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