Friday, October 03, 2008

feeling daring

i've always been an admirer of people who can put together a totally fun outfit that isn't too out there, but has a little bit of unexpected flair. i'm one of those people who buy things that i wish i could wear, but when it comes time to leave the house in it i completely cave. i can't tell you how much money i've wasted on things that i thought would be so cool, but then chickened out when it actually came time to wear them. so i saw these pink tights on clearance a few weeks back and had another one of my "moments". i figured even if they sat in my drawer and never get worn i only wasted $1.99 on them.

well, today i put my brave face on and actually wore them. not only around the house, but out in public! i had to take the little dude to pre-school and i also had to go meet a new babysitter for the first time! funny thing was, i didn't feel out of place! here's to the continuation of a new, brave wardrobe!


Melissa said...

You go girl!! I'm a big fan of colorful tights! I have burgundy, orange, yellow, purple, aqua, and red/black plaid. Love 'em!

puglyfeet said...

I identify with you 100%. I do the same thing. I have a bunch of stuff that I think are really cool, but have been far too scared to wear them in public. For example, I have a bunch of those floral hair accessories that are now en vogue and I've felt far too self-conscious to wear them out.

Congratulations for wearing those CUTE tights in public! Your post has motivated me to put on some courage to be more myself out there.

Erin @ Bride Design said...

VERY Cool. That babysitter probably thought "I'd love to work for this family with the hip, cool, Mom!" Here's to your brave, new wardrobe!

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