Saturday, October 25, 2008

from now on, this week will be known as:

new technology week!

what a week i've had! first i get my sexy new macbook pro. and now i've gotten myself a new phone! as you all may know, i'm a very loyal mac fan. i would never even consider switching to something else. in fact, you couldn't pay me enough. so it goes without saying that i've been drooling over the iphone for quite some time. however, our current cell phone plan is with verizon, so a switch to the iphone not only meant a switch of providers, but it also meant a hefty new monthly statement. right now we share a family plan with my parents. our bill is ridiculously low. so the though of having to fork out the difference was not something i was fond of.....especially in this economic state. we had recently been notified that we were up for new phones through our current contract. we looked into our options. i really wanted a phone that would allow me to get my business e-mail when i'm out of the office. then when we take a trip somewhere i don't have to take my whole laptop with, i can just grab my phone and go! we knew that this would mean paying more, but since the hubby was just going to stick with the standard plan, we were hoping it wouldn't be too much. so we went to the local verizon store and found we could add e-mail to my phone without all the web access stuff that i didn't really need. then we checked out at&t and the iphone. while we could accomplish the same thing for not a whole lot more, we decided to stick with verizon for now. there's no reason to add more to our monthly expenses, so i'll stick with this for another 2 years and then reevaluate the iphone at that point.

so what did i get? well, i did end up splurging on a more expensive phone than i planned on, but i paid with it from my business expenses.....since i wouldn't have gotten it if it weren't for business e-mail. and we pay for our monthly bill from our personal account so i figured that was more than fair.

so here's my new phone. the LG voyager:

it has a touch screen just like the iphone and a full keyboard which i like. plus i actually read in a review online that it beat out the iphone in 3 out of 5 categories, so i guess i can't complain! one of the other reasons i picked it is because it's an LG. when it comes to brand loyalty of electronics other than computers i have to say that LG is one of my favorites.

ok, off to go play!


Leslie said...

Yay for new phones! =D

And how are you?! Doing great over here!

Julie said...

Congratulations! I just recently upgraded my phone to a blackberry so I could access business emails while out of town. It's wonderful.

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