Wednesday, October 15, 2008

desk progress

slowly but surely i've been making progress on my desk project. after looking into my different options of paper vs. vinyl, i decided to go ahead with paper because it was quite a bit cheaper. to give you a rough idea of cost, i paid somewhere around $80 for a 34 inch x 14 foot printout of my selected pattern. i contacted a couple places in town that did large format printing and the people i ended up going with were great. here are some preliminary pictures of what it looks like:

what i ended up doing was basically decoupaging the paper onto the desk. it was definitely a 2 person job. once the glue was spread on the desk, i needed someone to hold the paper up so that i could gently smooth it onto the surface a little at a time. since the paper was very thin, it's not perfect. there are a few wrinkles here and there, but nothing i can't live with. also, the corners were rounded so it made finishing them a little difficult. since the desk is an "L" shape, there wasn't really any way for me to match up the patterns at the seams. at first this really bothered me, but i've since let it go. overall, i'm happy with it and it will do until i'm rich and famous and can afford a really nice desk. ;) these photos are from right after we set it up. i hadn't put anything back on it because i wanted to be able to show the whole surface in the photos first. i can't wait to "decorate" my desk now. i've already purchased a few things from ikea. i'll post more photos when that phase is complete.

those darned-tricky corners.

and a close-up of the pattern.

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