Thursday, November 20, 2008

baby's first haircut

i couldn't deny it anymore. i had been putting off the baby's first haircut because i didn't want to loose his cute little curls, but there comes a point where it just needs to be done. above is his "before" picture. i planned to only take a few snips around his ears to clean up the whispies. of course like everything else, he was quite a fighter and screamed bloody murder the entire time. it took both the hubby and i to manage 4 snips!

here is the after. and his horrible, pitiful, feel-sorry-for-me face. i have a hard time holding in the giggles when i look at this picture. it's like we tortured the poor kid.

and a side view of the finished product. it's definitely not a perfect cut, but it's the best we could manage with the screaming, wiggling child. i didn't touch his curls at all in the back....i'm not ready for that yet. it's amazing how 4 little cuts can change the way he looks so much.

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