Thursday, November 13, 2008

that's what he said : part 6

i haven't done a "that's what he said" in quite awhile. there are crazy things spewing out of our (almost) 4 year old's mouth every day. it's just the remembering to write them down that i've been bad about. so here's a little story from last weekend:

scene: in the kitchen. mommy, daddy, little dude, and baby dude are all eating lunch together. the little dude is ecstatic because daddy has said that the little dude can go out and help him rake leaves after his nap. if you know the little dude at all, you know his favorite thing in the whole world is to help anyone with anything. he'd rather dust the house with me than play with toys. if he's helping, he's happy. another important element to this story is that he's been getting to pick one "special treat" out of the halloween dish every day after lunch which he can have after he takes his nap. we don't normally have a lot of candy in the house, so this really is a special treat for him. ok, on with the story.....

little dude is eating his lunch and getting a little lack-luster about his banana at the end.

daddy to little dude: hey buddy, you better eat up the rest of your banana so that you can have a special treat after your nap today.

little dude sits for a minute. you can tell he's really thinking hard about something. a minute later:

little dude: is yard work a special treat?

that kid seriously cracks me up! in his little mind he wasn't worried about not getting his candy, he was worried about not being able to help daddy rake the leaves later. oh how that little brain works! i love it.

*photo taken on their way out to rake leaves after nap time.


daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

laughed out loud at that!

Melissa said...

Haha! I hope his desire to help out around the house lasts well into his teenage years!! I remember when I used to love helping my grandmother dust the dining room table. Um, I don't think I've dusted anything since then.

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