Friday, November 28, 2008

a great day for a great feature!

i've been working with one of the editors over at cool mom picks for awhile now; sending her samples, running her though the process of placing an order over at fin+roe, all in hopes of a great feature for my holiday line. i've been anxiously checking their site multiple times every day to see if my feature was live yet. well, this morning i awoke to my feature! it was so well written and exactly what i would have wanted her to focus on, had i a choice. and of all days, what great timing! everyone is done with thanksgiving and hopefully moving onto holiday cards now that they have the obligatory family photos taken. i've already gotten a huge amount of traffic from it and hoping that all that traffic turns into huge amounts of orders! you can see what she had to say here. oh, and if you miss out on the black friday (weekend) sale, i'm offering a discount over on cool mom picks until the end of december. (although not quite as big)
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