Tuesday, November 18, 2008

créme de la créme

at fin+roe, we have a holiday card that is called the créme de la créme. we call it this because it has 13 photos and captions! this card has been the most popular so far this year by far. (it also happens to be my personal holiday card from last year). i thought i'd show you a fun example of what one of my clients requested using this template.

my client and her husband had recently taken a safari (so jealous!) and wanted to feature the photos they took on their holiday card. in order to give the photos the limelight, we discarded the captions and filled the back with 12 great photos from their trip! check it out!


Julie said...

Great looking card! I'm loving the whole collage look. We must be thinking alike today because I just posted our holiday card photo - yup, it's a collage. :-)

Molly said...

Love this design!

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