Tuesday, November 18, 2008

nice story #1

after reading the lovely new OPERATION NICE blog and contributing a story, i've begun to notice more "nice" things happening around me.

to be honest, when i started reading O.N., i crammed my brain trying to think of something nice that someone had done for me. i couldn't think of anything. i thought surly there must have been stories that i had forgotten. someone must have done something nice for me somewhere along the line. no matter how hard i tried, nope. nothing. nada. i was drawing a blank....i couldn't thing of anything! i'm still sure i'm forgetting something, but in the meantime, it has prompted me to begin noticing the small things. they may not be huge "nice" things, but they are nice all the same. in order not to forget these nice things, i've decided to try and write them down so i have something to refer back to when i forget again! with that said, here's short and sweet thing #1:

the hubby, the little dude, baby dude and i were all at target getting the necessities of life the other night. a little old lady (why do all my stories include little old ladies?) was in the aisle with us and commented on how the little dude looked so much like my hubby. then she made the simple comment: "it's so nice to see a family shopping together these days". it made me smile. it was a sweet, innocent little comment, but it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. i said: "thank you", and we parted ways.

it got me thinking about the fact that we do pretty much all of our shopping together as a family. groceries, necessities, general errands.....we do them all together. there are exceptions here and there, but really, we do pretty much everything as a family and that's something i'm really happy about.

thank you melissa for prompting me to pay more attention to the "nice" things that happen around me!


Melissa said...

Aww, I love that story! Words are so powerful. Even a little comment like that can have such an effect.

When I started the blog, I couldn't only pinpoint a few key "nice" incidents in my life. But as I go along (and hear other people's stories) I'm reminded of other points in my life where someone made a big impact.

You know, my neighborhood is super windy, and on trash day, one of our neighbors, we have no idea who, brings our trash can up to our garage. Every time I see it I think, "HOW NICE!!!" It's the little things!

Hubby said...

I'm really happy about it as well, love.

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