Tuesday, November 25, 2008

new designs sneak peek!

i've been designing like crazy to try and get my december release done! once again i'm behind. (i really need to re-implement my "design friday" so i'm not rushing at the end) i just sent my designs off to the printer, so hopefully i'll have them in our studio by the end of next week. then it's another rush to get them all embellished and out the door to the reps! it's critical that reps have all of their new samples before the first of january because that's when they hit the road hard to replenish storeowners empty shelves after the holidays.

i decided to focus on circus/carnival type imagery for this release. with the economy in the dumps i think having fun colorful imagery that makes people smile and reminds them of good times will help sales. (at least that's what i'm hoping for!) above you can see sneak peeks for 4 of the new designs. in total, there are 6 new birthday cards and 4 new everyday designs to replace others that i've actually licensed off and don't have the rights to sell anymore.

1 comment:

Molly said...

So sweet! I think the bright colors are just what we all need!

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