Monday, August 31, 2009

the first day


today was the day. the little dude started at his new school. the school that we hoped and prayed he'd be accepted to. it was exciting and sad all at the same time. it shouldn't have been since he's been going to pre-school for the past 2 years, but somehow this is different. it's a school. a real school. like part of the school district. the school he will hopefully attend until he graduates from 8th grade.

here is a recap in photos:


lake country academy's new beautiful sign! he looks so tiny next to it!


in his cute little uniform. they have a variety of things they can choose from but he specifically requested the sweater vest. good thing it was a cool day! their colors are navy, white and khaki.


his new backpack which he's so excited about. especially that it features his initials.

so small

he's so brave. he just headed off toward the school by himself with no problems. he was just a TINY bit excited.

first day

daddy helping to cross the parking lot/street.

in line

this is a horrible quality photo, but i just love how happy and excited he is to be heading to the classroom. we all got to come with them for the first 10 minutes or so. (although he would have been more than happy to say goodbye to us at the door!)


he finds his hook where he gets to hang his backpack and coat in the winter.


he finds the desk with his name on it. he was BEYOND stoked that it OPENED UP!!


here's the pouch i made for him this year. he got to pick out all the fabric himself. i thought it was kind of funny that he picked both flames and also a star/moon/sky pattern. a little heaven/hell theme maybe? we put the flames on the outside and then i hand appliqued his name and some stars and a moon from the other fabric.

school pouch - inside

we lined the inside with the blue star/moon pattern. he was so proud of his pouch because nobody else would have one like his.

we were informed that they got 1 potty break, had popcorn for a snack, got to go run around for recess, sang a song, and drew a picture of themselves.

so excited to hear what happens tomorrow! we are so proud.


patricia said...

So sweet & handsome! You should take a picture next to the sign each year to see how much he grows.

I still cry every year. Specially when they each started in Kindergarten even though they'd both been in the same school since PK3. The heart strings can't handle much around here!

cartolina said...

I absolutely LOVED looking through these photographs! Thank you for sharing them with the rest of us Lori!

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